Westport Town Cemetery

For Cemetery Information contact Mike Gasper – Caretaker at 812-591-2571

In order to keep the Westport Cemetery one of outstanding beauty at all times and in order to properly maintain the premises, it is necessary to adopt the following rules:

Wreaths are permitted on graves during the winter from NOVEMBER 1st to APRIL 15th but should be removed prior to April 15th.  Wreaths may also be placed on graves three (3) days prior to and five (5) days after Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Anyone wishing to save such wreaths must remove them within five (5) days after above named holidays. Any wreaths that are not removed by family or friends according to the above guideline will be removed by cemetery management.


No flowers, trees, or shrubs are to be planted in the cemetery at any time

Are permitted to be set only by the permission of the cemetery custodian.

Are not permitted unless they are preapproved by the cemetery custodian, and placed upon a preapproved foundation that meets the requirements set forth by management.

Are not permitted in any form.

All lighting must be placed only upon the headstone, or preapproved foundation stone. Solar lights installed in the ground are not permitted, and will be disposed of.

Urns are not permitted without a preapproved base, or foundation stone

Shephard Hooks are permitted if placed on the foundation, but only if the hooked end does not protrude beyond the headstone, as this impedes the mowing process, and poses a hazard to cemetery personnel.   

Footstones are not permissible unless it is a government marker that does not fit onto the back of the headstone. As such a permissible footstone must not protrude above the surface of the ground more than one (1) inch.


All stone bases must be of sufficient depth to meet the requirements set forth by Westport Cemetery Management. No one is to set any base in this cemetery without first contacting the Westport Cemetery caretaker Mike Gasper, who will inspect said monument and or base prior to placement.

Decorations of any kind are to be placed on the stone, and or the foundation stone only. Nothing is to be placed into or upon the ground at any time. Said        decorations in violation of this rule will be promptly removed and properly disposed of. (The only exception being wreaths placed at their allotted times.)


It is the desire and intent of the Town Council to maintain and keep our cemetery unusually beautiful at all times. The above regulations are not meant to penalize anyone. They have become necessary due to a lack of funds normally gained from the sale of grave lots. Donations are appreciated from anyone wishing to bequest funds towards the Westport Cemetery to help us continue to beautify and enlarge this memorial to our loved ones who have passed on.