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Welcome to the Town of Westport, Indiana!

An historic, small town located in Decatur County loaded with local pride and citizens who enjoy a simple way of life.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the increasing levels of COVID-19 in Decatur County, we regret to announce that the lobby is again closed. We will still do business by appointments. If making a payment you may use the dropbox right outside the window, by telephone or you may pay online. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause you. Please remain safe.

Covered Bridge

Decatur County’s wooden covered bridge, located 1.5 miles southeast of Westport just off County Road 1100 South, is the only covered bridge ever constructed in Decatur County.

Rich History

The town of Westport was founded on March 23, 1836, by Hockersmith Merryman and Simeon Sharp. As there were only twenty lots in the original plat, the town itself was very small. 

Local Government

The Town Council meets every second Monday of each month at the Westport Town Hall at 6:30 p.m.

The historic Westport Town Hall is located at 207 Johnson Avenue.

Town of Westport

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