In the event of an emergency shut-off or leak, Westport Water Company will make every attempt to contact our members. It is the priority of our Town and we take keeping our members informed very seriously. We have developed a system to notify you in the event of an alert or emergency. We can notify you by email or by text message to your cell phone.

Please Note:

1) Your phone company may charge you for text messages if it is not included in your rate plan with your Cell Phone provider.

2) You must be able to receive text messages on your cell phone – check with your provider.

3) You must furnish us with the name of your provider such as AT&T or Verizon so that text message will go through properly. Your text will NOT work unless you provide us with your cell phone carrier.

4) Be sure to watch your mailbox in the event of an email being sent. You may want to check your spam box as well.

5) NOTE: Incomplete submissions will NOT be registered. Check to ensure you are supplying us with all of the information requested.

To sign up for an Email Alert please click here

To sign up for a Text Message Alert please click here